Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Version 5.0 And My Bonus

Jeff Walker is selling Version 5.0 of Product Launch Formula this week. He stops taking orders on Friday, November 21, 2014.

If you’re reading this after that time, sorry, but it’s no longer available. But I do recommend you click on the links in this post anyway so you can get on his notification list for the next time he releases the product.

The Links

OK, first the links. Raw affiliate links: (goes directly to the sales video) (pre-launch videos, lots of good information here that won’t cost you any money)

NOTE: The above links open in a new window; simply close the new window that opens when you’re ready to return here and read about my bonus offer.

I’m fully aware of the fact that you can “strip” that link, go directly to the sales page, purchase, and I won’t get a commission.

That’s fine; if you want to do that, go ahead. You’ll also miss out on my bonus. A bonus with true value and not some hyped-up, inflated dollar value.

Bonus Value: Fact or Fiction?

I’m also aware of the fact that you have lots of bonuses to choose from and you’re probably wondering why you should choose my bonus when some marketer in some small corner of the world is offering you over $50,000 worth of bonuses when mine is only worth $1,500.

Oh, puh-lease! They pulled their number out of a hat. Mine is a true value. Keep reading to learn more.

First, in most cases, a bonus is worth whatever you think it’s worth. If you want to believe the inflated bonus claim that some “hype” marketer is offering, then go ahead and buy from that marketer’s affiliate link. Have a good time download several gigabytes of digital junk, unzipping it, and wasting hundreds of hours wading through it.

Oh, did I mention that I’ll provide you with all the digital junk you want? Buy through my link and you can ask for an ebook / course on just about anything. Chances are more than good that I have the rights to give it to you.

But that’s not all that I’m offering, nor do I put a value on the “digital junk” part of my bonus. My real bonus has real value. But if you’re into digital junk, I’ve got you covered.

You see, I belong to a membership site (several, actually) where I can download digital junk pretty much at will. Hundreds of new products come out every single month on just about every topic imaginable and it’s all mine to download and, in most cases, give away as I see fit. So if you buy using my link, just tell me what you’re interested in and I’m 98% certain that I can find something for you on that topic.

So that digital junk isn’t really all that valuable from a “cash” standpoint. If you learn something you need to know from it, great, but I’m not going to tell you that this part of my bonus is worth a gazillion dollars. We both know better. And I’m also going to save you valuable time that you would otherwise spend downloading crap you don’t need (that would suck up further time as you read the ebooks and watched the videos).

So if my “digital junk” isn’t worth much, where is the value in my bonus? What am I offering that’s worth a “hard” $1,500?

Why My Bonus Value Is “Fact”

It’s simple. I’m going to give you my time.

12 hours, to be exact. One hour a month for 12 months (with some flexibility, i.e. if you need two months in January but none in December, we can probably work something out).

And at $125 an hour (my current consulting rate), that’s a true value of $1,500.

If you wanted to hire me for 12 hours, I would bill you $1,500.

Use my affiliate link at the top of this post to purchase Product Launch Formula and you can hire me for 12 hours at no additional charge.

What can I do?

  • I’m a certified computer security professional. Is that something you could use? Need someone to look over your website for security issues? Want help assessing your risk exposure? I can probably help.
  • I know my way around web sites and can handle other tech issues. WordPress? Check. HTML? Check. Scripting? CSS? I can probably help.
  • I can write. A little bit. 🙂
  • I’ve been told that I’m a decent enough copywriter. Just don’t expect any hype!
    • Darn, what’s with the exclamation point?
    • OK, I’m talking about sales letters and email, for the most part.
  • As a Product Launch Formula customer myself, I can help you with your product launch, using Jeff Walker’s system (I’m not an official consultant or anything; I’m just a customer offering to help). I might also be able to help you manage your launch’s affiliate and joint venture program. If your product and offer is the right match, I’ll even be happy to “pitch” it to one of the top JV brokers in the country (who happens to be a personal friend).
  • I’m willing to consider almost anything. Let’s talk!

So that’s it. Purchase Product Launch Formula 5.0 via my affiliate link and 12 hours of my time is yours after the refund period expires (30 days, according to the order form) over the next year.

Just a couple of “rules”:

  • Unless we agree otherwise, hours do not accumulate. In other words, you can’t wait until November 2015 and expect me to give you 12 hours. Like I said above, there is some flexibility, but since I can’t save time this month to give to you next month, your hours expire.
  • I’ll be flexible and understanding, but booking that time will be done in a way that is mutually acceptable to both of us. I have other clients (including that one I call “employer”) and my wife likes me to join her for a cup of coffee once a week or so. 😉
  • This offer is limited to the first 25 buyers who send me their claim. Again, it’s that darn time factor!

How To Claim Your Twelve Hour Bonus

Here’s what you need to do to claim this bonus:

  1. Buy Product Launch Formula via this link: (be sure to clear your cookies first, yada-yada. If you’re looking for the best bonus you know how to do this already)
  2. Go to my support site ( and send me a message (it goes to my “good” email so I’ll get it right away). Be sure to copy and paste a copy of your receipt so I can verify your purchase.
  3. I’ll verify your purchase and contact you. If I can’t verify that you purchased via my affiliate link, no bonus. Sorry, gotta be tough on this rule.
  4. If you already purchased, please don’t ask for a refund and re-purchase it using my link. That’s not cool. Instead, contact me (include a copy of your receipt) and I’ll offer you the ability to purchase this bonus at a very special price.
  5. Once the refund period expires, we’ll schedule the consulting.
  6. All consulting time must be used by December 1, 2015 unless other arrangements are made and agreed to.

Why Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker has been teaching people how to launch their products since 2005, which is an eternity in Internet years. I still have my books and audio CDs from Version 1 and I’ve been promoting it ever since then. And he’s now on Version 5, which contains countless lessons and refinements he’s made over the years since the launch of Version 1 in 2005.

Just listen to the success stories Jeff has on his site. They’re real. You can’t post feedback like that on the Internet here in the US nowadays without several three letter government agencies scrutinizing your every move. If they were made up, he would have been busted long ago.

You don’t get to Version 2 of a product — much less Version 5! — if you don’t tell the truth, treat people right, and deliver on your promises.

Jeff is going to treat you right. If you try it and it’s not for you, you’ll get your money back. And if you don’t get it back, he doesn’t live too far from my house and I’ll be happy to pay him a visit on your behalf with a few of my Special Forces friends from one of the local military bases.

I can say that because I know it won’t be necessary. Jeff delivers on his promises. 🙂

But before you buy, do watch the videos on his site to get a “feel” for the product and to see if it’s right for you and your situation. It’s priced right in my humble opinion, but I wouldn’t want you buying anything — even a stick of chewing gum — that doesn’t solve an identified need.

If you watch the videos and decide that Product Launch Formula is for you, and if you like my “no hype” honest value, $1,500 bonus, then please use my link at the top of this post to purchase Product Launch Formula. If you like Product Launch Formula but find another bonus that is more in line with what you are looking for, then purchase from that marketer. I’d rather see you get the value you need than purchase via my link and not be satisfied.

Thank You

I appreciate people like you who create products. You fill needs and help people. I also appreciate your consideration of my bonus offer and sincerely hope that you purchase Product Launch Formula so that your product will reach more people and ultimately help them. And I’ll be happy knowing that I was able to help you reach more people in a small way.