Beating The Competition In The Freelance Market

Beating The Competition In The Freelance Market

The global financial crisis is upon us and it’s affect is widespread. The reality is that the financial downturn affects everyone from big business to the work at home mom.

Many people affected by the loss of jobs have turned to taking their skills freelance as a source of living. For many this could be a blessing in disguise. They will learn how to continue to find work in the freelance market and learn resourcefulness in the meantime.

But keep in mind that as more and more people move into the freelance market, they will begin to face competition. But not to worry, here are a few tactics that you can use to continue to keep the flow of work steady despite the heavy competition.

Know how to play the game.

The first thing that you need to do is keep yourself in demand. You need to strategize your skills and make sure that you remain visible. What that means is that you need to try all the options available to be seen as a valuable asset in your field. You need to prove that you are someone to be trusted with an excellent work history. Keep your portfolio updated with your more recent projects. Also you may want to consider adding testimonials on your website. In your downtime, check into the job boards to keep your portfolio up to date. The donanza job board is one resource that you may want to use to find projects to keep you occupied. The rule of thumb is to keep busy looking for work.

The Customer comes First.

Remember, with heavy competition, you need to build a strong relationship with your customers to separate yourself. Keep in mind that the biggest difference between you and your rivals is not your skills or your price point, but rather it’s your relationship with your clients. If you keep a mind on your customer service, then you will have clients who will entrust you with projects despite the competition in the field.

Do Better

Once you have repeat business, you will have a regular diet of work. But keep in mind that you need to continuously hone your skills. As long as you can continue to do excellent work, not only will you keep your regular clients coming, but you will gain clients through your reputation in the field. The key is that you need to learn continuously to keep your stream of work flowing.
These are just a few tips to keep you ahead of the competition in the workplace. Even though you’ve stepped out of the traditional rat race, keep in mind that the freelance market is heavily growing and you will always be faced with healthy competition. But with steady work, you may find that you don’t want to leave the freelance market.
Remember to keep yourself busy.

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