Disadvantages of e-recruitment

Disadvantages of e-recruitment 

One of the biggest problems faced by the recruiters is screening. The recruiters have to check the authenticity of the applicants who apply for the job and send their resumes that have to be sorted out. Since a huge number of people apply, it becomes hard and time consuming for the company to sort out the resumes of those applicants who are suitable for the job. Besides this, another problem that is being faced with regards to e-recruitment is that lack of awareness of the Internet can be seen. People in countries where the skill is available but the Internet awareness is not available, these people are unable to apply for jobs as they do not know about them.

A disadvantage here lies both for the recruiter as well as for the applicant as the recruiter would be unable to hire the right talent while the applicant will not know about the availability of the jobs. Moreover, the organizations that require a diversified staff will not be able to hire people from different ethnic backgrounds especially from places where the awareness problem occurs. There is also a problem of low Internet penetration in some countries since access to the Internet is not available to the people.

It is not wise for the companies to be fully dependent on the online recruitment methods that are available to them. This is because there are also many other recruitment methods through which the best applicants can be hired. Although e-recruitment has become quite common in most of the organizations, there are also some organizations that prefer to interact face to face with the employees instead of recruiting the people online.

This is because of the many advantages of face to face interviews that can tell the employer about the applicant. Besides this, the companies also face problems with regards to technology and they find it hard to tailor the e-recruitment systems in order to meet the needs of their recruitment process. This also follows by lack of integration between the e-recruitment systems and existing HR systems.

Even until today, all the people have not accepted e-recruitment as a method of getting recruited. Therefore, there are many people who do not even apply to the companies that just induct people through an online hiring system. People who even apply online often do not know the procedure until and unless the entire system has been designed in a user-friendly manner. Lastly, since the people have to bear the cost of flying to take the interview, there can also be a probability that the selected applicant might not like the job site and the environment later because of which he might quit and so all the hard work and the costs that have been involved in the hiring process would go to waste.


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