Effective Career Management

Effective Career Management

Effective career management involves some basic rules such as knowing yourself, the employment market and connecting the two with a positive and determined attitude. However, we cannot assume that the employee is the sole person responsible; the employer has to take an interest in the management of the careers of his employees.

It is a common assumption that we as adults have reached an age when we do not change, but the fact is we never do stop learning nor can we prevent change.

Charles Darwin theory of evolution states we change with our external environment in order to survive and if we cannot change then we will become extinct. This theory may have faced criticism but if we analyze it from a different perspective if not with physical evolution but relate it to mental changes then it can be applied to the world of corporations.

The world has become a global village and this means doors of opportunities may open while others will be shut due to the intense competition and the trend of outsourcing. Hence, in order to stay ahead of the fierce competition, every individual must know their strengths and weaknesses.

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