Finding the cause of job dissatisfaction of the employees

Finding the cause of job dissatisfaction of the employees 

Every organization comes with its own set of a problem which results in job dissatisfaction. It is essential that the cause of job dissatisfaction is found by the management and then corrected as soon as possible. In my organization where I had been working it had been discovered that there are a number of reasons for job dissatisfaction present amongst the businesses.

The first issue was that some employees were qualified for a certain job yet they were part of the wrong department. A person having a certain educational background and ending up doing something else will create a huge amount of dissatisfaction. Another common issue present was work pressure. This generally happens when there are less time and an ample amount of work to be done creating an aversion for the job. Mostly found in the work environment is work politics where employees are targeted and a hostile environment is formed which in turn affects productivity and efficiency. The most important factor of job dissatisfaction that was found was the reduction in salaries, withdrawal of perks, promotion. This is because employees provide service and demand to be provided a fair price for their efforts. By cutting down their pay would be a way of saying that their work is not appreciated and their work is meaningless. There was very little work recognition which is also very important for employees to feel of some significance and to feel that their work does not go by unnoticed and are rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

Work should be more stimulating and more challenging or else employees feel bored and lose interest in their work.

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