Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Resource, in fact, has a very important role in any Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that the company decides to take. Same is the case with all the organizations. The HR department at every company plays a vital role in ensuring that the spirit of CSR is embedded in the company culture. The basic role that HR plays in CSR is by educating and leading the company with regard to the importance of CSR. This is done simultaneously with implementing HR practices which soundly support our company’s CSR goals.

Once HR has created a culture of CSR within the company, the employees of the company will no longer have to be coerced into performing CSR activities merely to keep up the reputation of the company but they will do it with genuine interest, which will be evident to the stakeholders through their efforts and will consequently build company credibility. Therefore, the important role that HR plays in this company’s CSR is the internalization of the spirit of CSR within its employees, so that the company is not viewed by the stakeholders as one that makes shallow promises but as one which keeps true to its promises To sum it up, the HR function represents the benefits that this company can gain if it supports its employees and aligns their goals successfully with the company’s objectives.

Ours is the one department that comes into most contact with the company’s internal customers, that is, employees, as well as the processes which seek to align individual goals with company goals. This gives HR an inside perspective on what needs to be done in order to keep a gap from growing between the two different kinds of interests. This is why an HR representative needs to be present in the meeting so that the Board of Directors can hear what the employees’ perspective might be on the disparity between individual and company financial goals, which will enable them to come to a decision which keeps both the management as well as the employees happy.

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