Performance Management role for an effective manager

Performance Management role for an effective manager 

DuBrin  has mentioned that other than these an important skill that is seen in the managers is that of performance management and this is the skill that highlights the fact that activities and projects within the organization are organized in a proper manner as these are the activities that are consistent with the aims and goals that an organization has. Performance management is the skill that focuses on the management of employees and the projects. Maldonado, has mentioned that one of the main facts that need to be realized by the managers is that it should be made clear to the employees and people within the teams that the goals and aims of the team members and the employees within the organization should be in line with the goals of the organizations as this is the main strategy that can help in the organization gaining more success. One of the main advantages that are achieved with the help of the implementation of performance management is an achievement of the organization as well as the personal goals.

In case of performance management, there are certain skills that are required within the managers and these include team management, motivation, counseling, supporting the employees, leadership skills and an ability to handle challenging situations during various projects and operations. In these cases, the manager has to make sure that in order to make sure that the team members and the employees pay full attention to the projects and the operations, full support should be given so that the aims and the goals that are related to the organization are achieved in a proper manner. On the other hand, it is important that the employees are motivated so that the employees can work with complete satisfaction and commitment. Allwood and Selart have argued that these are some of the main factors that can help in controlling the team members who are involved in certain projects or a profession thereby they are properly managed.

One of the main challenges that are to be met by the managers also includes the assessment of the working and performance of the employees and the team members. One of the main ways that can be used by the manager includes an assessment of the overall results that have been obtained from the projects and the operations.

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