The personal time management system

The personal time management system

We all have our personal time management.

This is nothing more than how we manage what we decide what to do. Their personal time management system evolved from a habit that comes in the fall, if you edited the tasks, or you can set intentionally and State, so you can use.

The second option is probably better if you want a truly effective can handle. But to make it work you must make sure that the system may require self-discipline, so little from your site.

Think of the storage system (not too long though!). What use is always more complex from where you work or such use is irregular, as fashion?

This principle also applies to your personal time management. So easy to use, it’s almost a pleasure to use it. Install it in a way that makes it very easy, that you decide to do, and if you decide to do to organize it.

Ask yourself in managing personal time during the week, is the key to decide what to do with air conditioning.

Impact is a key

You can trade on something if you don’t know about it. This also applies to what you have chosen to degrees. In other words more knowledgeable about something, the more chances are that you’re really going to do it.

For example, suppose that evening bar sitting down and write a list of things to do in the next day.

Then go to bed feeling satisfied with an organized and on things.

So far you are. But so far it only plans. However, it is necessary in practice and actually do what we decided was worth it.

Most of what you remember in your list, the more likely you’re going to do anything about it. Each task is completed, but at least start or continue (on the previous day, if necessary).

Why? Because it is visible on your list are retained during the day and night constantly.

How to remember what to do

Dranbleiben your list with you at any time and often remain in your thoughts. Results? You probably have a lot to do tasks for you.

Of course this is not possible or practical, to many people. If this concerns you, you can do to keep your goals in mind?

I would recommend it on paper and keep it somewhere visible spend most of the day. For example a simple laptop is offengehalten, not far from your computer to many people.

If the activity

Once you decide to do something, we must decide when to do so. One way to do this, of course, it is this stress, immediate response, everything that happens in your life.
We all getan-but it’s a bad habit. He frequently questions where day and why nothing is done for you.

However, if you can make a policy of non-staff in the day, they appear in your life. Of course if they are truly urgent and that day included are important. When the operation is very fast and easy to do, you may do so immediately.

But for larger projects and more than long and actions they plan next week. Is this tomorrow and beyond or above, you’ll see a list of tasks for each day. This allows you to monitor and improve your ability to do what matters.

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